Well Adjusted believes in the importance of looking at the body as a whole and not just caring and treating the complaint at hand. One topic that is addressed during your chiropractic visits are about the foods and liquids that are being put into your body as well as any drugs and supplements. Certain foods can cause inflammation and could be a reason for chronic pain and a slower healing process. It is important to address the foods that could be contributing to the inflammation in the body and what could be added to an individual’s diet to help the healing process or weight loss depending on individual’s goals. It is important to address supplement and ways the body maybe lacking in and suggest ways of how to add them to the diet.

At Well Adjusted, the S3 Scanner is the world’s first measuring tool to measure your Skin Caroenoid Score (SCS). This is non-invasive and gives an immediate indication of your overall antioxidant levels. It is then discussed the improvements to diet and lifestyle, and helps the individual make an informed decision on the supplements that impacts their antioxidant health.

Why is it important to have a high antioxidant levels? Each day we are exposed to free radicals whether from the environment, foods, stress and more. These free radicals damage your cells which can then lead to serious health concerns later in life. Antioxidants share electrons and stop the free radicals from reproducing. There are other ways other than nutrition to increase the antioxidant levels and can be discussed during the visit.