During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes to prepare itself for the growing baby and to get ready for birth. Pregnancy changes the female body in many different ways: changing center of gravity, increase joint laxity, changes in our gait and posture, pushing organs aside and so much more with the increased hormones. Chiropractic during pregnancy focuses on the alignment and balance of the body to help the body’s ability to function and adapt by working on the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Proper alignment of the pelvis and body can help the mother have an easier pregnancy, and can ease the birthing process.

Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy:

  • Restoration of balance in the pelvic bony structures, muscles and ligaments
  • Decreases pain caused by improper biomechanics
  • Reduces interference to the nervous system, which controls all of the organs and body functions
  • Pelvic balance allowing the baby room to develop with minimal restrictions
  • Potential for an easier delivery
  • Being able to sleep better and concentrate throughout the day

Reasons to be under chiropractic care while pregnant:

  • Low Back pain
  • Headaches
  • SI Joint Pain
  • Neck/Shoulder pain
  • Pubic Symphysis pain
  • Breech Position due to Pelvic Misalignment
  • Center of gravity changes
  • Changes in Posture
  • For overall, improvement in biomechanics for a more pain free pregnancy.

Dr. Deb practices the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). This is a specific, non aggressive adjustment that eliminates interference to the nervous system restoring better function to the pelvic muscles and ligaments.

Post Partum

If you haven’t heard it before, after giving birth, you continue into the beautiful fourth trimester which involves caring for your newborn and the healing process for mom begins! The body may feel as if it may never feel the same before kids. After having her daughter, Gwendolyn in August 2019, Dr. Deb had a similar sets of questions: Will she ever be able to workout or run again without pain or leaking? will she always be this tight and achy? Will she have more bladder control? And many others. The information and resources out there for postpartum women is limited! This inspired her to get further education in postpartum care to help women address these concerns and develop a plan to help them heal.

Most common post pregnancy concerns are: pelvic floor issues, Diastasis Recti, upper body and neck pain, breast feeding issues and more. It’s important to address these concerns sooner than later to avoid more scar tissue, adhesions, changes in body mechanics and more that may prevent you from continuing in the activities you love. The risk of returning to exercise and other activities too soon can cause more frustrations and injuries.

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